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Hi my name is Jerry Watson and I am the owner of Jerry's online yard sale which it is no longer outside but now it is online where I am still selling items and merchandise. For other people. So if you would like for me to display in something for you. To be sold on Jerry's online yard Please contact Jerry Watson at 301-358-3881 or two read more a bout Jerry's online yard sale just. Click on the a bout us button with in the left-hand side of the category's page

Hi my name is Jerry Watson and I am the owner of Jerry's online yard sale. And I have set this website up to bring other yard sellers and people online to show them how their items will look once they are displayed on Jerry's online yard sale. I will display in your items. And you can sell your items so

(If you have something to sell, we can help you! One man's junk, is another persons treasure...make some extra cash on those items you don't want, without the hassle of having a yard sale.)

I know that we all have something in our homes that we no longer need, a lamp, table, toys, TV, etc. All items should be in good working condition. To get started I would need a photo and description of the item you would like to display. Also include your contact information and the amount you want to sell it for. The price can be set in stone, or you can allow customers to bid on the item--it is up to you!